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Saturday, 28 January 2023

Horus Heresy Las Vegas Open Reveal


At the Las Vegas Open we have so seen releases up coming releases for 40k , AoS and now we get our turn and its a huge tank killing tank, 


Ok so its another tank using the multi use Spartan kit, But what not to love HUGE TANK KILLING GUNS and the usual choice of sponsons. I will be honest I was really hoping for some new infantry and I really hope that they are round the corner. But I have secretly wanted a Cerberus for a long time but was never willing to go through the pain of working the kit from Forge World. 

As seen the studio have stayed with the standard Sons of Horus paint scheme, I do hope on the community page that we get to see some other Chapters colour schemes. 

Who else is going to be adding this bad boy to their army?

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