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Monday 25 September 2023

Star Wars Legion: Rebel Commandoes Unit 2 Completed


These have been sat on the painting for a while so it was good to finally get them completed. So all left to finish the army is Ashoka, Sabine and Clan Wren. Hope to get some progress shots this week.

Wednesday 20 September 2023

Star Wars Armada: Vulture Squadron

 Recently picked up the Separtist Starter set and it comes with 4 unpainted Vulture squadrons. So a quick undercoat of grey and then a coat of Leviadon Blue Contrast paint and drybrush metal and black cockpit.

I have a new neoprene mat on order from DeepCut Studios so looking forward to getting some battle shots and unboxings.

Monday 28 August 2023

Star Wars Armada: Latest Purchases

 As you will have seen from my recent posts that I have slowly been getting back into Star Wars Armada. I delved deep into this game when it first came out and bought many of the first set of waves. but then as usual with me and our gaming group other distractions came along and I lost track of releases and what was going on in the community.  

But after finding Crabbok's YouTube channel (Check out his channel great videos of what is fresh and new in Star Wars Gaming) when looking up Star Wars Legion I found his love of Armada and this got me to hunt out my crate that I had stored everything in and see what I had in my collection.

Having a mix of Imperials and Rebels but nothing really that would allow any variations in my fleet builds and sorely lacking upgrade cards I made out my shopping list for the Imperials to start off with:

SSD: I mean it is huge but Gor Dam I want that model for my shelf lol

Chimera: This is a Star Destroyer variant that brings Thrawn as a commander and some other useful ship cards

Gorzanti Imperial Assault Carriers


Imperial Light Cruiser

Imperial Star Destroyer: I have one but jeez love a big space triangle and there is no way to replicate that famous scene from Empire without 3 of them 

Imperial Light Carrier

Onager Class Star Destroyer

Imperial Squadron packs 1 and 2: I have both of these already but I reckon that more Squadrons cannot hurt. Plus I do love a Tie Bomber.

 I think one of the issues that I am going to have is how many of each ship variant do I want?

Since the release there has been some price rises and getting hold of some of the items is getting quiet hard. But hunting cap was put on a I started scouring the internet.

I found on good old Amazon these two items well under RRP so even though the Pelta Frigate was not on the list it was to good an opportunity not to pick up, for maybe a future fleet. The Interdictor was also a great price so with these two new ships under my belt the shopping has started

I will be doing an unboxing of my purchases in the near future so you can see the models and what cards etc you get, but now time to pack for a much needed holiday. We are off to Tunisia and hopefully if my leg is feeling a lot better we will be able to go on a planned Star Wars tour as some much of the films and backdrops have locations not far from where we are staying. 

May the Force be with you.

Saturday 19 August 2023

Star Wars: Lego Tie Bomber

 Its been a rough couple of weeks for me, I woke up feeling all feverish and my left leg had swollen, packed off to the Doctors by my loving wife. I was soon in the QMC Nottingham Hospital being treated for an infection caused by an insect bite a couple of years ago. Spent a whole week in hospital on IV drips. I cannot thank the nursing staff of ward C52 enough for all the help and care they gave me over the seven days that I was in hospital. 

Feeling pretty low and mostly bed ridden, I decided to cheer myself up and bought myself a Star Wars Lego set. I was thinking of the Falcon but at £750 it was a bit steep.

Now I had not made any Lego for a very long time, so was pleasantly surprised at the numbered bagging to make the build easier.

I built the model over a couple of days and it is a fairly big kit but easy to build only a couple of areas where I scratched my head a bit.

You get 3 mini figures, Tie Pilot who is inside the bomber, Imperial Officer to drive the bomb trolley, and finally and maybe a bit oddly Darth Vader. However I think my favourite model that comes with the kit is the Gonk Droid. I do love a droid.

Tie Pilot sat casually in the cockpit ready for launch.

I really enjoyed the build on the kit and it certainly took my mind off resting up from my hospital stay. I think next after our holiday will be Luke's Xwing.

Saturday 29 July 2023

Star Wars Legion ATDP part 2


Finally with some clear weather and not on husband duties I have got round to base coating the ATDP.

Started with a black undercoat and then Mechanicus Grey over the top.

Will now start on lightening up the base coat before I can start weathering. 

I am following Sorastros painting guides as I find them a very good starting point for a lot of my projects.

Wednesday 26 July 2023

Star Wars Armada: Y-Wings and B-Wing Squadrons


Finished up this week 2 more squadrons for Armada, its the Y-Wings and B-Wings. Now just have the X-wings and Tie Fighters to get started on. Before I start working on the Elite pilots.

The weather in Nottingham has been on and off and not given me any time to get the second stage of the ATPD started on. But looks like fair skies this weekend. So fingers crossed I get the undercoat on.

Friday 14 July 2023

Star Wars: legion ATDP Project Part 1


Welcome to part 1 of my All Terrain Defense Pod project. This walker has long featured in the graphic novels, books and cartoon series, but as yet AMG have yet to bring it to the table top. So I hunted around the interweb to find some 3D files. Now I have no idea and to be honest no willingness to learn how to 3D print at the current time, but a good friend of mine owns a 3D print business. So I popped him the files and hay presto like green magic I took ownership of my first ATDP.

If you are looking to have anything 3D printed look up:


If its your first order you get 10% off

So here is the ATDP assembled and ready for priming

As you can see she's big

With a clone trooper for scale.

If the rain holds off this weekend I will get it primed and hopefully the first layers of paint.