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Sunday, 15 May 2022

Horus Heresy: Imperial Fists Legion Templar Brethren

 Today's builds are 5 Imperial Fist Templar Brethren, as their armour is mainly black, thought would get it done as the same time as the Justaerin Terminators. Have to say I did not enjoy this build lots of sub section arms, so lots of pinning and gluing and drying. The swords also needed a bit of work in terms of straightening and some filling. However I think alongside Sigismund they will look great on the table. Check back on progress next week.

Saturday, 14 May 2022

Horus Heresy: Sons of Horus Justaerin Terminators


With the Horus Heresy on the horizon thought it was time to have a look through my plastic and resin pile and work my way through some of my back log. I found a box of Justaerin Terminators and weapons pack. So thought start my Sons of Horus force with the 'Point of the Spear'. Once the temp drops today I will get the undercoat on and then start work on the armour. I am looking forward to the deep red shoulder pads depicted in the book and the FW webpage. 

Monday, 11 April 2022

Touchdown Tuesday on a Monday: Rumbelow Sheepskin Sneak Peeks


Yesterdays Sneak Peek release on the community site saw the preview of the first Halfling Star Player since 1990, thats right 1990 JEEZ have I really waited so long since Puggy Baconbreath was released.

In the upcoming months will see the release of Rumbelow Sheepkin, not just any Halfling Star Player this see Rumbelow riding onto the pitch on his cantankerous pet ram. 

Rumbelow takes the role of a Blocker on the pitch and I am sure he won't be the butt of the opponents jokes. 

Rumbelow has the following special rule: Ram

Looking forward to this release and I will do a more indepth review of the model once it is released and I have it painted up.

Sunday, 10 April 2022

Warhammer The Horus Heresy Cinematic Trailer

 This cinematic trailer was released 2 weeks ago at Adepticon 22, this has pretty much been a daily watch for me. This has made my mind up on the two, that's right two factions for Horus Heresy. The simple matter of two factions is so that I always have an opposing force for any player that does not have one when they come to play.

Faction One: Imperial Fists

Faction Two: Sons of Horus

More to follow as I start my test models

Monday, 4 April 2022

The Mighty Zug

My first model has been completed and it is The Mighty Zug of the Reikland Reavers.

Mighty Zug comes in at 220,000 GP so if playing in a league he will make his way to your team a few games into the season. What will hiring Mighty Zug bring to your team?






Skills: Block, Loner (4+). Mighty Blow +1

Special Rules : Crushing Blow. Once a game Might Zug may apply an additional +1 modifier to the Armour Roll

With a movement allowance of 4 Zug is not going to be winning and footraces to the endzone, but with ST 5 he is a one player wrecking machine Dubing Up ( Rolling 2 Block Dice) against most players apart from the Big Guys he is going to be punching holes in most opponents lines. Supporting skill of Block is going to make him more durable along with his high AV of 10. 

The final 2 skills are loner (4+) meaning you have a 50/50 chance of using a team re-roll on Zug. Mighty Blow rounds out his skills, giving you the choice of adding a +1 modifier to your Armour or Injury roll, giving Zug a good chance of getting opposing players off the pitch. 

To further Zug getting players of the pitch once per game he can use the Crushing Blow skill. This allows Zug to apply an additional + 1 to an Armour roll. This can be done after your Armour roll has been made.

Final Verdict

At 220,000 Gold Pieces Mighty Zug is an expense to the team, but used correctly on the line I think he can be a game winner, he is more than capable of taking on the opposing teams BIG GUY all on his own and then punching his way through the rest of the front line.


Saturday, 2 April 2022

Hobby Butterfly Part 2 The Reckoning


Over the course of this week I have gone through most of my plastic pile of shame and also looked at the games I have and what I realistically want to play going forwards. There are going to be two piles of shame going forwards.

1. Models to keep and paint.

2. Models to sell and make way and space.

Looking at the games I own and trying to weigh up now the time that I have available to paint and game So I have rationalised my list of games to the following:


I have always loved Bloodbowl and remember picking up the 1st edition from GW York way back in the mists of time. So looking forward to bringing back my Skaven team and painting up some of the new teams,


Was a big part of my gaming time when I worked in London, playing after work at the now closed Plaza GW store, with good mates Dean and Matt.

Horus Heresy

Well who isn't going to play Horus Heresy after the latest announcement from GW?  I have loved the novels for a long time and seeing the new trailer and the figures for the upcoming game it is time to dust off the Imperial Fists and Word Bearers that I have. Its going to be a real hardship to go through the novels again to pick up inspiration,

Adeptus Titanicus

This was the first game that I ever bought, a long summer of cleaning cars in York and picking the box set. This was the set that contained the polystrene buildings and red and blue titans. My friends dad had built them a custom built sculpted table and the summer was recreating battles that we read in White Dwarf. 

Aeronautica Imperialis

As my last true gaming event that I attended it is one my last completed fleets or lists. Also getting given the latest box set for Christmas it would be rude not to get them painted up. 

Kill Team- For Terrain if applicable

Terrain basically will need to fit in Necromunda or Horus Heresy.

There is an absence of Age of Sigmar and any fantasy related hobby, this is mainly as even though I do love some of the models in the range, I just cannot get my head round the background and the rules. Tried many a time but just feel like I am playing a version of 40K. I am looking forward to when GW release Warhammer Old World as that is my kinda fantasy game.

I am also going to add in something called Showcase Model

This will basically allow me to pick a model from any range or company that I would like to paint. I am using this a chance to improve my painting techniques and push to create my best paint job.

Sunday, 27 March 2022

Hobby Butterfly

 OK I admit it I AM A HOBBY BUTTERFLY......

and I have come to realise not in a good way. Hopefully by getting my thoughts down on electronic paper I will come a place of inner peace and some more focus on my hobby choices. 

Like many of us I have the plastic pile of shame however in the last 2 years rather than seeing models being painted and taking pride in a model finished. I seem to have the hobby of buying the latest new release, building it and then it either sitting in a box or on a shelf.  I tried to rationalise this with it was a lake of gaming, Games Workshop bringing out so many great new releases, my hobby room is a mess.

The above are true, but some of the other unwritten truths are, fear of missing out, greed, shopaholicism. 

Over the last few weeks I have come to rationalise my Hobby and what it is.

So what is my Hobby?

Writing and Roleplaying - This has been a large part of my life ever since I was introduced to D&D when I started school. Over lockdown I was very very lucky to find an online group of roleplayers and we have been meeting weekly ever since playing Call of Cthulhu, Aliens, Inquisitor and a series of One shot adventures based on our pulp films of the 80s and 90s. This is something I have never Blogged about, but will start 

1. Painting -  Ironic Huh considering my lack of completed models of late. But I do enjoy the process and seeing a completed model.

2. Building - I know some people see this as a chore, but I do love a good build, especially love looking at the techniques that the sculptors are using to get the level of detail on the models.

3. Reading / Audio books - I have always loved reading sci-fi and fantasy and I have to thank my Dad for his library of classic sci- fi from Asimov to Heinlein. So I was always going to be drawn to the sheer depth that GW and now Black Library

4. Gaming - Kinda at the bottom of the list and this mainly as I have not gamed in over 2 years. My last game was up at Warhammer World when I took part in an Aeronautica Tournament.

So next steps for me is to look through the pile of plastic shame and rationalise what I want to keep and focus on.