Monday, 13 July 2020

Long Time no posting

It's been a few months now since I have posted, as most of my models I have been popping up on my Instagram account.

But thought would share a couple of my finished models.

Couple of Cherubs for my Sisters of Battle army. Really love the sculpts and will be adding them to each of the squads that is in the army. I am now hunting around to see if I can find more variant models through the GW range.

Sunday, 29 March 2020

Some Thoughts On Isolation, Quarantine and HobbyTime

Quarantine and Isolation Thoughts and a new project Hobby From Home

Hi guys!

It’s been a while since I contributed to Dibdab’s Hobby Blog, and finding myself sitting at home with not a lot else to do in these strange times we find ourselves in, I thought it best to start updating again.

But first a few thoughts on Isolation HobbyTime. Here in the UK we are under a government induced lockdown, where we are prohibited from leaving the house other than for essential food shopping, medical care or to travel to work for those unable to work from home. As the boss has graciously given us 2 weeks paid holiday to tie the business over and ensure we are still paid, and only having a few hours a week where I have to check emails, I thought it the perfect time to find some time for myself and my hobby.

And thus I find myself in a new push on getting through my various projects (some work related, some personal) that have been kicking around the old hobby area for a while. Prior to this, I’d been finding every excuse under the sun to not put paint to plastic or just play a game, and since playing is now a no no (social distancing 101) painting it is :)

This also serves to give me the kick up the backside I need (how else am I going to occupy myself other than staring at the 4 walls?!) to actually finish some outstanding projects and armies.

So here we are, my to do list over the next 14days which will serve me well in clearing some space, ticking off some quite outstanding pieces and also occupying my thoughts:

  • Warhammer 40k Tau (also my chance to actually use the contrast paints I bought on release)
  • USMC Gulf War Team Yankee force
  • Outstanding Brit Para Company for Flames of War
  • Aeronautica Imperial fighter wing for AI
  • Start my LW Soviet Tank Army for FOW
  • Adeptus Titanicus Titans (all built for over 2yrs but languishing alone in the dark)
  • Black Powder British Napoleonic's which have also lain unloved in my drawers
  • British Fleet for Black Seas

I don’t think it an ambitious list, but actually sitting down and going at it has been the issue to date. So my pledge for Hobby From Home is to get down on it, post my progress and see what I can produce. I will be posting on here WIP updates and also on my Instagram too (@dark_vapian)

What projects will you be looking at doing? Also share what your social media accounts are at so I can take some inspiration as I’m completing my list!


Friday, 3 January 2020

Word Bearers Test Model Complete

Word Bearers Test Model Complete

I have completed my first test model for the Word Bearers. Yet to decide on wether to add decals or scripting to the model.

I probably will. so work now press ahead to get the first 10 models completed whilst I am working on them will also start the HQ model. 

Aiming to have these completed by the end of January and hoping that no other distractions come into the frame.

Wednesday, 1 January 2020

Happy New Year

Happy New One and All.

Hope you have a great 2020.

There are going to be no Hobby resolutions this year as last year I did not stick to them at all.

Tuesday, 31 December 2019

Word Bearers New Year New Army Part 3

So my last post of the year before we welcome in 2020.

Been cracking on with the Word Bearers and have assembled all the models from the box set.

Some are in component parts to make it easier for painting.

Have to say I love the models for the Greater Possessed and the new Plastic Obliterators.

Also started work on my test colour scheme for the Chaos Marines. Nice a simple to start with Chaos Black then Leadbelcher for the metal and Khorne red for the armour. Bought together with a wash of Nuln Oil and then Agrax Earthshade. Aiming to have the first model completed before I go back to work. Not decided on the basing for the models yet.

Saturday, 28 December 2019

Word Bearers New Year New Army Part 2

Word Bearers New Year New Army Part 2

Last night I had a quick read through the codex and delved into the Word Bearers section of the codex.

The Word Bearers have some nice special rules which I have listed below with some of my thoughts.

Legion Trait: Profane Zeal: You can re-roll failed Morale tests for units with this trait.

Will be handy when looking to hold onto objectives with smaller units and ensuring that they stay in battle longer than their opponents especially as the Chaos Marine Squads only have leadership 7 or 8 with a Champion.

Stratagem: Dark Pact use this when a World Bearers Character attempts to summon a unit of Daemons to the battlefield You can re-roll any of the dice used in the summoning roll, and your character will not suffer any mortal wounds for rolling doubles or triples. Costing 1 command point this will seriously be looked at if I decide to add a force of demons into my growing army. 

Warlord Trait: The Voice of Lorgar this increases the range of any aura abilities on your Warlord's datasheet by 3 inches. To be honest this looks a given at the current stage of reading.

The lure of the models could not keep me away for long. Looking at the models in the box this is going to give me a Patrol Detachment which is a nice starting point to my army.

Army List:

Master of Possession 5 Power

10 Chaos Space Marines 8 Power

2 Greater Possessed 8 Power

2 Obliterators 12 Power

1 Venomcrawler 7 Power

Total Power 40 Power

So a nice little starting force that allows some nice flexibilty on the table and some stunning models to paint. Should be more than achievable in the time period.

Don't forget that if you are looking to take part that you can post your pics up on Instagram and Facebook with the hashtag  #PaintingWarhammer2020