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Saturday 27 April 2024

Legion Imperialis: Basilisks


Time to get some more tiny tanks built and painted. Finally for the Solar Auxilia have their iconic artillery piece the Basilisk. The kit also makes the more mobile and short range Medusa.  I have an event upcoming on the 4th of May down at 7th City Collectables and the points have been upped to 2000 pts. So I am looking to add a solid back line of artillery with 12 Basilisks being added to the army. I got a fair bit of painting to do over the next few weeks. I will be show casing my list for the event in the next week.

Wednesday 10 April 2024

 Just prepping my next project. These are some Scout Trooper sculpts from Skull Forge Studios . Going to be some nice variants from the model from Atomic Mass Games. These were printed out by my good friends at 3D Kingdoms. They will be painted up in the standard white imperial scout trooper armour and deserty style bases.

Tuesday 9 April 2024

Star Wars Legion : Death Troopers Completed

 Completed my Death Troopers this evening. Nothing to fancy, just some layered black and metals. I may go back and pick up some of the straps as I am planning for these guys to be like an end of level encounter rather than a run of the mill encounter.

Up next will be finishing of some Scum that have been sat on the painting desk and a couple of Spartans for Legion Imerpialis.

Saturday 6 April 2024

Bolt Action: French Infantry Completed


With my basing material arriving I have the first unit for my French army completed. The second unit has been built and is ready for undercoating. The support units are all built as well. However I have to say that I have not missed trying to glue together metal models with really small contact points. But its just a small gripe.

Tonight will be back on the Death Troopers to get them finished and off the painting table. Starting to clear some space on the table which is good for my sanity. 

Friday 29 March 2024

Star Wars Legion: Death Troopers Work in Progress


I am waiting on some basing materials to arrive so that I can finish off my first unit of French Infantry, I have ordered a selection of flocks, shrubs and flowers from Gamer's Grass as I am wanting a French countryside look to the bases, like what was seen in the early episodes of Band of Brothers. 

So I wanted something quick and easy to finish off, so plucked the box of Death Troopers from the pile of shame. These have been undercoated black and then a drybrush of Platemail then followed by a drybrush of Ray Gun Blue. Then the final layer was Black Templar. This is giving a nice blue hue coming through the Black Templar. 

Just waiting on the basing material to dry and then I will pick out the pouches and areas of metal to get the unit finished.

Monday 18 March 2024

Bolt Action: French Infantry WIP

My first infantry platoon assembled and now the first base layers of paint applied to the models and the wash layed down, next steps will be highlight the models and start work on the bases. Next up will be working on one of the support teams whilst I am assemble the next platoon of 10. 

Wednesday 13 March 2024


After painting up so much small scale infantry for Legions I thought I would try a different scale and time period. I have always been drawn to Bolt Action as a game, as I like the idea of a nice small scale skirmish game that builds up nicely and played over a nice gaming table.

So I picked up the French Army Deal from Warlord Games

Which as you can see has around 35 Infantry men 3 weapons teams and a tank. Should be a nice quick painting project once have all the models assembled. Now just need the rain in Nottingham to stop so I can get the first unit undercoated.