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Saturday, 6 August 2022

Horus Heresy: MkVI and MkIII Tactical Squads completed.

 Also completed this week are my first two Tactical squads a Mk III and a MK VI from the new starter set.

Friday, 5 August 2022

Horus Heresy: Justaerin Terminators Complete


May the 14th i posted my build pictures of my Justaerin Terminators. Happy to say that they are now complete.

Having looked at the photos I think I am going to change the rim colour of my bases not keen on the matching rims to the base material. When I re-edge the bases will add in some weathering powders.

Thursday, 4 August 2022

Heresy Thursday: Scooby Snacks anyone?


This weeks Heresy update brings the Space Wolves some scooby snacks

Like the helemts but cannot see them hitting my bitz box as have no plans for a Space Wolves army.

Wednesday, 3 August 2022

Horus Heresy: Leviathan Build


Following on from the weekends post of the Leviathan unboxing, I have spent the past couple of lunch times building up the kit.

I obviously went with the Eye of Horus groin guard and the chaos looking chest plate and rear head piece. I really like the extra height and width the shoulder guards give the model. As you can see I have left the arms separate to make it  easier for painting. The model can be magnetized if you are one of those gamers that have to all options available to them (i am not if I want different variant will just buy another one). My load out is claw and drill, I really like that you can pose the drill and the claws to give a nice variable to your model.

Just for scale guide is one of my Tactical Support Marines. Hes a big unit and def gonna be a magnet for enemy fire. Looking forward to painting this model.

Whats on your table?

Monday, 1 August 2022

Horus Heresy: Sons of Horus Army List First Draft


Received an email today from the events team that they are holding another Heresy event in November and its two dayer 3000 points. So have the time booked off with her indoors, so thought was time to draft out my first army list 

5 Justaerin Terminators275
Cataphractii Praetor135
Magna Combi-weapon10
Paragon Blade15

I have an idea that i saw on Instareddwer for an Abbandon conversion but I do love his stats as a leader for the army.

Tactical Squad100
Nuncio Vox10
Power Sword10
Plasma Pistol10
Dozer blade5
Tactical Squad100
Nuncio Vox, Vexilla20
Chain Bayoney20
Power Sword Plasm20
Tactical Squad100
Nuncio Vox, Vex20
Power Hammer10
Tactical Support Squad145
Rotor Cannons50
Vox, Vex20

Troops are built from the starter box with some rotor cannons added as some support. one unit in a rhino to rush forward to take an hold an objective.

10 Cataphractii325
Two Lightning Claws100
Contemptor Dread175
Gravis AutoCAnnon10
The Elites are coming in at nearly a third of points. I do think that the Spartan is expensive for what it can do but there is a need for some heavy weapons in the army. But the spartan could be the first item to be dropped from the army if points are tight.

Heavy Support100
Vox, Vex20
Heavy Support100
Missile Launcher25
Vox, Vex20
Sponson Volk15
Hull F,R,L Volk5
Siege Drill5

Heavy choices are what I have from the box set, the Kratos and the Leviathan I picked up at the weekend.

The army at the moment is 217 points over so I am prob going to trim out the Spartan to start off with and an in some more troops, But have a test game coming up in a months time so I can see how I want my army to play. At the moment my idea is to engage the opponent over the objectives.

Next post up this week will be showing the progress made on the army so far. 

Anyone else heading to the event?

Saturday, 30 July 2022

Horus Heresy: Leviathan Siege Dreadnought Unboxing


Was in Nottingham this Saturday for a close friends birthday. So thought would pop into the new Element Games shop to pick up the new Leviathan that was released today.

Nice artwork on the box featuring the Sons of Horus patterned Leviathan.
Inside the box you have 4 sprues, 3 of the sprues are for the main body of the dreadnought.
The final sprue are the Siege Claws and Drill weapons.
There are 3 differing groin guards, and 3 front carapace options. Only 1 head type, but two differinbg back plate pieces.

You also get some extra shoulder mounts for adding some extra heft to the already large shoulder sections.

The weapon is the sprue that will be swapped out in the next box release for the ranged weapon variant. I would have preferred to have had both variants in the box, so loadouts could be set or fully magentized.

Tegs as with the contempor dreadnoght are all ball and socket joints so will allowa full range of posing. Hope to get some build time over the weekemd. Not sure on my loadout will decide when get to that part in my build. 

Anyone else picked up one?

Thursday, 28 July 2022

Heresy Thursday: WOW its a big drop from GW this week


This week's Heresy Thursday gives us not 1 but 2 upcoming releases.

The first being a stunning Praetor for the Emperor's Children

The second being an expansion book for Aeronautica Imperialis bringing rules for dogfights and bombing runs in the Heresy era. 

I love the unhelmeted head of this model and it showing where the Emperor's Children have started to experiment with sonic weapons.
The cloak is amazing and I could see this working on other models as I would have thought that the eagle will be a separate piece.

So it is just the teasing drop of images from the Community release today, be nice to see some of the lists available and if we are going to receive any Legion specific rules. 

This is going to give me the motivation to paint up the models from the last starter set released.