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Saturday, 28 January 2023

Horus Heresy Las Vegas Open Reveal


At the Las Vegas Open we have so seen releases up coming releases for 40k , AoS and now we get our turn and its a huge tank killing tank, 


Ok so its another tank using the multi use Spartan kit, But what not to love HUGE TANK KILLING GUNS and the usual choice of sponsons. I will be honest I was really hoping for some new infantry and I really hope that they are round the corner. But I have secretly wanted a Cerberus for a long time but was never willing to go through the pain of working the kit from Forge World. 

As seen the studio have stayed with the standard Sons of Horus paint scheme, I do hope on the community page that we get to see some other Chapters colour schemes. 

Who else is going to be adding this bad boy to their army?

Sunday, 22 January 2023

Heresy Thursday Sky Hunter Squadrons

 Its been a while since I posted anything Horus Heresy Thursday related as the latest reveals have been pretty lack lustered, mostly head and shoulder pads. But finally this week a great addition to those armies that want some skimmers.

Looks like will be 3 in a box armed with heavy bolters as standard but with the options to upgrade to a volkite, melta, or plasma..

What is also nice to see is that there is an arm holding a chainsword. Does this mean we might get the much needed new plastic infantry armed with close combat weapons. Tanks are cool but we need those assault troops to really make a change to the table.

These bikes are going to add a much needed option away from the resin models from FW and i can see some of these heading into my Sons of Horus. But also this might be the start of my new Loyalist army.

Sunday, 1 January 2023

Star Wars Legion Black Sun Enforcers

 Star Wars Legion Black Sun Enforcers

The Black Sun Enforcers are the foot soldiers and troop choice for the Shadow Alliance and Empire. At 48 points for the base unit they are expensive and premium troop choice. With a max range of 2 they need to use cover very well to ensure that they do not get focused on my the opposing army or make use of the A-A5 to get them closer to the enemy lines. The high points a costly but you do get Red defence and Close Quarters dice, so yes they are more expensive than the Pykes but should be more durable. 

    The models are big and at first I thought that Atomic Mass where guilty of scale creep but from going back and reading up on them and watching them in the animated series they are big, so hats off to AMG to staying true to the source material. The unit has 2 nice upgrades to choose from; Scatter gun If you opponent is infantry focused or the Mag-Det enforcer if they like to take vehicles. You can also add in another enforcer which gives you a cached dodge token.

My first completed unit is below and drew from Sorastros painting guide, which if you have not checked out are well worth while a watch.

Def need to invest in a cheap light box and get some better pictures taken. Up next will be the Pykes as I have at least my  2 troop choices complete. From reading over Christmas I will either need more Black Sun or Pykes, just need to get some more games in to firm up that choice.

Oh and Happy New Year,

Tuesday, 27 December 2022

Looking forward to 2023


The days are shorter and the nights are longer and we are reaching yet again the end of another year. 2022 has been a year of me recovery and rebuilding my hobby love from the Covid years. I am not much of a reflector I tend to look forward more and focus on the future. My Blog is my meanderings and reflections on what I have done in the hobby that month. However for 2023 I want to have a bit more of a focus to my Hobby Year. So I have chosen 5 areas that I want to be my main focus for 2023.

Number One: Star Wars Legion.

This has been my latest new starting Hobby project and so far played 2 games and really enjoyed the flow. My first army is the Shadow Collective and have enjoyed painting the models so far so expect to see some completion shots over coming months.

I am looking forward to the complete rulebook coming out in mid January and will do a write up of the book once I have got hold of it.

Yearly Goals: 

1200 points of painted Shadow Collective. This will allow me to have a selection of choices to build 800 point armies.

Build a themed table: At the moment I am toying between a Hoth and Genosis table. But more on this to come.

Number Two: Horus Heresy

HH was my major hobby achievements of last year. Having completed the starter box baring the Spartan and painted a lot of the other releases. So I really need to get some pictures posted up of the completed units.

I have still not played a game of the new system and really want to get this sorted out early in the new year. 

Yearly Goals:

Buy and Paint Horus as a focal point for the army.

Play at least 3 games in the first quarter of the year.

Start a 1000 point loyalist army so that I have an opposing force for someone to use on the table.

Number Three: Commemorative Models

On tidying my hobby room I have found that I have a load of commemorative models that have been bought and not painted and added to the pile of shame. I also want to improve my painting skills on single focus models and this is a great reason to reduce the pile of shame and improve my skills. 

Number Four: Secondary Games

I have a number of secondary game loves and want to make some time for getting these painted and have some games. The great thing with games like Bloodbowl, Necomunda and Battletech it is a small model count and quick game time, means that they can be nice break up projects.

Number Five: Online Gaming

I have not really ever talked about my online gaming. I have two loves the first being Eve Online which is a deep immersive space game. Now that sentence really does not do Eve Online any form of justice. But will delve deeper into the game in future posts. 

The second in roleplaying with COVID it stopped our gaming group from meeting up so we moved online and tried out to varying degrees of success online platforms. Having settled on the FORGE I have now been part of an online group for around 18 months now. Call of Cthulhu being our favorite system so far, but we have tried other games such as Alien, D&D and using the systems to play through some our fav horror and sci fi films of the 80s and 90s.

Work is coming up to some major projects that I know are going to hit on my free time out of work. So my hobby is going to be an important part of keeping me sane throughout the year. 

So with the last post of 2022 all for me to say have a Happy New Year and I will see you in 2023.

Wednesday, 14 December 2022


 For those of you that are in the know will already be aware of HOHO HOBBY VICES, and may be part taking.

This is the third year for me and the premise is really simple. You join up on discord or Instatgram #hohohobbyvices around about Nov time you get sent a questionaire where you talk a little about your hobby and what you are collecting and what projects you are on. You then are matched up with someone and they read through your mad ramblings:) and then go and buy you some cool hobby gifts.

This year Ben (Not giving surname to protect his identity I think he might be in the A-Team) was my hobby Santa and what an awesome haul he sent me.

I jotted down that I am on the Horus Heresy night bus with SoH and Imperial Fists and he sent me a nice praetor which is ripe for conversion and 5 terminators not pictured and some cool nifty pin badges. These are not picutred.

Also mentioned that was just getting into Star Wars Legion, Ben not knowing anything about Legion popped to his local hobby store and they advised on these 2 characters. Spot on the buffs that Darth Vader has received as operative have made him a shoe in for my upcoming stormtrooper list. Along with Gar Saxon who is one of the Command options for the shadow alliance. 

Along with the Red Gobbo and some nifty EAVY METAL DICE was a lovely written card.

Of course Christmas is not Christmas without Choccie and Ben sent some Orange Chocolate DAIM bars which sadly did not survive the photo.

Many thanks Ben and I hope your hobby vice Santa put as much thought and effort into it as you did.

Sunday, 4 December 2022

Star Wars Legion Bossk Complete


So next up on the painting table is Bossk first featured on the bridge of the Star Destroyer in Empire Strikes Back and then more fame in Star Wars Clone Wars cartoon series. 

The base needs a bit of tidying up, the yellow is far brighter in the photos than it shows in real life. I think the green is maybe to green and needs to be more camo green colour. But happy another model complete. Next up on the painting table is Gar Saxon to lead my Shadow Alliance Force.

Tuesday, 22 November 2022

Count Dooku Complete

 Finished my first Star Wars Legion model this week and it is the face of the Separatist Alliance Sith Lord himself Count Dooku.

Painted with a mixture of normal and contrast paints I was please with how it came out and the level of detail showing on the model. I think as I learn how to paint this scale and work out my weathering, I may well come back to him and go for a pure paint job with no contrasts. 

Up next on the desk is the start of my Shadow Alliance Gar Saxon and Bossk.