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Friday 29 March 2024

Star Wars Legion: Death Troopers Work in Progress


I am waiting on some basing materials to arrive so that I can finish off my first unit of French Infantry, I have ordered a selection of flocks, shrubs and flowers from Gamer's Grass as I am wanting a French countryside look to the bases, like what was seen in the early episodes of Band of Brothers. 

So I wanted something quick and easy to finish off, so plucked the box of Death Troopers from the pile of shame. These have been undercoated black and then a drybrush of Platemail then followed by a drybrush of Ray Gun Blue. Then the final layer was Black Templar. This is giving a nice blue hue coming through the Black Templar. 

Just waiting on the basing material to dry and then I will pick out the pouches and areas of metal to get the unit finished.

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