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Sunday, 22 January 2023

Heresy Thursday Sky Hunter Squadrons

 Its been a while since I posted anything Horus Heresy Thursday related as the latest reveals have been pretty lack lustered, mostly head and shoulder pads. But finally this week a great addition to those armies that want some skimmers.

Looks like will be 3 in a box armed with heavy bolters as standard but with the options to upgrade to a volkite, melta, or plasma..

What is also nice to see is that there is an arm holding a chainsword. Does this mean we might get the much needed new plastic infantry armed with close combat weapons. Tanks are cool but we need those assault troops to really make a change to the table.

These bikes are going to add a much needed option away from the resin models from FW and i can see some of these heading into my Sons of Horus. But also this might be the start of my new Loyalist army.

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