Monday, 19 August 2019

Ultramarines: Roboute Guilliman Finished

Finally Roboute Guilliman is table ready for battle.

I am pretty pleased with how the gloss blue armour has turned out on such a large model, all the armour edging and scrolls where a nightmare to paint and to ensure did not hit back over the blue, there were a couple of re-touching up that happened. I may well go back to the blade at some point. But I think I will practise this technique again on another blade.

More pics after the break

I do really need to improve my photo taking but this model did not fit in the mini photo booth I bought this month. have to invest in a larger one

So next up for the Ultramarines are some Primaris Aggressors armed with Auto Boltstorm Gauntlets and armed with Fragstorm Grenade Launchers. Have decided to put a Deathwatch model in the unit just to break up the army look and add in another painting style. I have completed the first one and here he is.

Again the lighting has washed out the colours, but I have hit with dry brushing for this and built up the colours as my line highlighting have never been the best.

I have really enjoyed reading the Deathwatch codex and may well add a few units to my army just for a nice change and a chance to do some kit bashing for some truly unique marines.

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