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Tuesday 22 November 2022

Count Dooku Complete

 Finished my first Star Wars Legion model this week and it is the face of the Separatist Alliance Sith Lord himself Count Dooku.

Painted with a mixture of normal and contrast paints I was please with how it came out and the level of detail showing on the model. I think as I learn how to paint this scale and work out my weathering, I may well come back to him and go for a pure paint job with no contrasts. 

Up next on the desk is the start of my Shadow Alliance Gar Saxon and Bossk.


  1. I keep looking at Legion but haven't pulled the trigger on it yet. The new Shatterpoint might get me into some Star Wars next year. For now I'm doing some Space Weirdos gangs, One Page Rules Fantasy Regiments Undead army (old school style) and hovering my finger over the checkout for Marvel Crisis Protocol.

  2. Very cool game, nice activation phase and lists allowing different eras of play. Looking forward to Shatterpoint, think is going to be Star Wars version of MCP which is no bad thing.