Monday, 30 September 2019

DreadTober Part II Decision Made

DreadTober Part II Decision Made

With October approaching I have made my choice for DreadTober.

I have gone with the Primaris Redemptor as want to keep slowly growing my Ultramarines forces.

Challenges that I see with this project

  • Time: I am prepping for the Essen Spiel at work this month so my hobby time may well be limited. But I am planning to use my lunch breaks to give me some more time.
      • Basing: GW does not have a style of base that fits the Redemptor I am either going to have to base it in similar style to the Big G, or look to try and build my own base that will fit with the theme that I have.
      • Posing, I like the model but not keen on the static pose that some put it in. Going to work on some dynamic posing on the model.
      • Weapon options: It comes with 2 weapon options, currently I am not sure of the role I want it to have on the table, so I might look to magnetise the weapons.
      • Ultramarines: What can I add to the model to so that it is more Ultramariney? I am no sculptor so I am gonna have to trawl through the bits box and see what parts I have that I can use.

Wednesday, 25 September 2019



This year I am going to take part in Dreadtober, I have a few choices that I am looking into:

  •  Strip down and repaint a Space Marine dreadnought I have from my old 4th Company Ultramarines.
  •  Pick up a Redemptor, kinda of a big gulp moment as it will be one of the largest models I have painted in a long time.
  • Custodes Heresy Dreadnought that I have had lying around for about 3 years. Maybe even paint it in Ultramarine colours, as not really planning on a Custodes force.
Are any of you taking part in Dread Tober?

Tuesday, 24 September 2019

Dungeons & Dragons: Thavius Kreeg

Completed Thavius Kreeg from Gale Force Nine Descent into Avernus Range. Really nice 1 piece model with plenty of detail.

Pictures of the completed model after the break.

Monday, 23 September 2019

Space Wolves: Primaris WIP

Well these have been sat on my back hobby desk for almost a year now. So with a break in the Ultramarines painting I thought I would finally finally get these finished. I was pretty much 80% of my way through them just really the finishing touches to add really.

After the break are the shots of where I am up to with them. I had previously completed the right shoulder pad, but was not happy with the freehand work, so I have taken them back down to the base red and will work them back up with iconography.

Tuesday, 10 September 2019

Flames of War D-Day Germans Book Contents

Last weekend saw Battlefront release it's brand new book for Late War and I mentioned in my previous book review it is the one I have been looking forward to: D-Day Germans

Check after the break what you get in the book and what armies I am looking to collect and get on the table.

Monday, 2 September 2019

Ultramarines: Reiver Contrast Paints Gallery

Ultramarines: Reiver Contrast Paints Gallery

Last night thought I would have a play around with the new contrast paints. So painted up a complete model with some layer paints as well. Was quick and easy but the large flat areas do not really lend themselves to the contrast paints. Not going to paint my army using this method but was nice to knock a model out in one night just as a bit of fun.