Thursday, 16 November 2017

Team Yankee: Stripes Army List

Team Yankee: Stripes Army List

So myself and Jonathan found that our blog had been linked on the front page of the Flames of War page in this weeks update. So no pressure now lol.

I mentioned in my last post that I was looking at writing up my army list this week. This lunch time I put the finishing touches to the list.

We have decided that Jonathan's pesky Ruskies will be attacking through Hof heading towards Bayreuth, Standing in there way is the 2nd ACR. So with a little bit of background behind the force selection I cracked open Stripes.

I am using the Cavalry Troop list as I love the idea of scouting M113's spotting the advancing tanks allowing the M901's and M1's to ambush to take out a few tanks before heading to a new prepared position.

So on with the list:

HQ: Armoured Cavalry Troop HQ 1pt


2 x M1 Abrams 16 pts

2 x M1 Abrams 16 pts

1 M113 Scout Section 2 pts

1 M113 Scout Section 2 pts


2 x AH-1 Cobra 7 pts

Total Points: 44 pts

I think this list will give me some flexible options depending on what the Ruskies throw into the front line.

Next post will be the next stage of the construction of the army.

Comments always welcome.

Monday, 13 November 2017

Team Yankee: Gallery M1 Abrams

Team Yankee: Gallery M1 Abrams

Completed my M1's today just before our lunch time game. I think I need some more weathering but happy with my first models. 

After the break are some pictures of mine and Jonathan's first game using the card terrain from Hammerfall. 

Saturday, 11 November 2017

Team Yankee: M1 Abrams WIP

Cracked on with the M1's from Hammerfall box this week, swapped my T-64's with Jonathan so have 4 of these beauties to start my army with.

Check out after the break for the progress so far.

Monday, 6 November 2017

Team Yankee: Stripes

Bit of a break since my last post as it has been a hectic few weeks. I spent the end of October in Essen Germany at the Spiel. This is one of the largest Board Game shows in the world with nearly 250,000 visitors over 4 days. 

I work for Battlefront Miniatures and we were demoing our new Boards Games, Dr Who Time of the Daleks and Brigands & Browncoats . I will post more on these games in the future.

But todays post is about our upcoming release for Team Yankee, Stripes. Team Yankee was released 2 years ago with 1 core book featuring both Soviet and US forces. Over the past couple of years we have brought out books for British, West German and East German forces. Now it is time to revisit the Soviet and US forces and give them their own dedicated books, earlier this year the Soviets book Red Thunder was released with a load more new vehicles and units. Next month is the turn of the US with the release of Stripes. 
Being new into Team Yankee I have team up with Jonathan Peace who also works with me at Battlefront and we have decided to take the new armies and learn how to play Team Yankee. 

The upcoming posts will follow our starts into our new armies, the building and painting and learning how to play.

So tonight I will be reading through Stripes and finding a hook to start my army.

Next post will be a breakdown of the book and what army I have chosen.

If you are interested in fighting World War III battles then check out the Team Yankee web page.

Thursday, 19 October 2017



So last post saw the completion of the 2nd Death Guard marine. At the rate that they are being painted it is going to be a long time before I see 2 fully painted squads, for my army. So to speed things up I have looked at how I can do some batch painting.
As the base armour is all green I have started with that along with the ink washing and highlighting.
Will also tackle all the metals before then working on each model as an individual.

How do you do your batch painting?

Wednesday, 18 October 2017

Gallery: Death Guard

Gallery: Death Guard

Last night I completed my second Death Guard model. Also my light box finally arrived so was testing out how it worked. Not the best photo at the moment but will be working on getting better pics soon.

I am away in Essen next week so will be taking the rest of this squad away with me to work on at the hotel, hopefully when back will get a chance to post up the first completed unit shots.