Sunday, 18 March 2018

D&D Akmenos WIP 2

D&D Akemos WIP 2

Started work on the cloak today, working up from Incubi Darkness and adding Ushabti Bone to add highlights, will need to add a glaze to the final layer to tie all the colours together. Hope to have this finished tonight.

Saturday, 17 March 2018

Dungeons & Dragons

So to those who pop across my blog you may well have noticed that there is more D&D posts than my previous hobby posts. I am still working on my Ultramarines and I hope to have my next unit finished in the next week or so. Team Yankee for now has taken a bit of back seat, but looking to restart this with my Soviet force as my work chum has decided that British are more his style.

But back to D&D. This is where I started many years ago with the fabled red box edition, and I played many hours through school and college. Other RPGs did steal my attention for a brief period, but I always found myself drawn back to the Forgotten Realms and the stories that could be created.

Now fast forwarding to tonight, and the glut of great models, terrain and support products. It now allows me to create some of the encounters and locations that before only existed in mine and that of my fellow players. My mates Jay and Tony have been making some great dungeon tiles that I hope to feature in an upcoming post. I myself are looking forward to building terrain pieces and once again exploring the Forgotten Realms. 

What started you in this awesome hobby?

Thursday, 15 March 2018

D&D: Battle Systems Fantasy Dungeon Unboxing

D&D: Battle Systems Fantasy Dungeon Unboxing

Last month I spent a lot of time hunting for some flexible, affordable, durable and most importantly good looking terrain to make dungeons and building interiors. I looked at a lot of the resin companies out there, and there some great companies making some great terrain, but it missed out on the affordable selection choice, plus I would have to paint it. A friend of mine mentioned that he had backed Battle Systems Kickstarter a while back and was really happy with what he got.  So did some research watched some videos and decided to pick up the Fantasy Dungeon Set

Check after the break for a full unboxing and initial thoughts.

Wednesday, 7 March 2018

D&D Akmenos wip

Akmenos is my Tiefling Warlock that I am using in Jay's campaign. I am using a figure from Gale Force 9 sadly this set is currently unavailable. I have been inspired by the red cloth on the new GW Morathi model. I am not massively keen on the skin so think I am going to go with a greyer skin tone.

Hoping to have this completed over the weekend.

Who knows how much more inspiration Morathi will bring.

Sunday, 4 March 2018

Grub for gamers : Moroccan Salmon & Prawn Fish Cakes

Grub for gamers : Moroccan Salmon & Prawn Fish Cakes
By Joe Wicks

Great healthy fish cakes full of flavor and a nice punchy salad.

Check after the break for ingredients and receipe

Saturday, 3 March 2018

D&D Ooooooh the bad guy!!!!

So today we had a all day session playing D&D round Scotts. The tiles you can see have been made by Jay hopefully will be allowed to grab some and pop up some more detailed shots.

      During the course of the adventure, Anton the ever so dubious Cleric asked us to meet him at the Hungry Crow. Bearing in mind the last time we meet him at a tavern we ended up falling through the fireplace and down in a dungeon. Meeting at the tavern we found a less than seluberious establishment. Surely barman check, dank dark dirty tavern check, off key bard singing in the corner check. The TripScyre review was not looking good. Ordering food I steered away from the fireside table ( I won't be fooled twice) and partook of the corked wine. No sooner had the sip burned a path to my stomach the door disappeared and the fire started to glow blue. Good choice not to sit by the fire.

With the Barman disappearing into the cellar we decided to follow him down, mainly to see if I could find a better bottle of wine.  Deeper into the cellar he could not be found, but I had the bard and the Rogue playing soothing music to ease any fears.

Open the heavy wooden door at the end of the cellar we were confronted by a cleric (not Anton but I have my suspicions) chanting over a book in front of stone portal.


Tuesday, 27 February 2018

D&D Tavern Barrels

This Saturday we have a big D&D session at my house and Jay who will be DMing asked if I could knock up some tavern furniture. So a bit of Balsa wood work and I have 2 bar tops and the fine ale the barman will be serving