Sunday, 13 January 2019

Speedfreeks red and checks applied

Today layered up some red on the body panels. Then had my first attempt at hand painted checks. Quite happy with how they have turned. More work on the metal tonight

Tuesday, 8 January 2019

Speedfreeks ork sarnies wip

Work started with the metals and first layer of washes to start the dirt and grime.

Monday, 7 January 2019

Cruel Seas Mini Review

Cruel Seas

As a part of my New Year Hobby Resolutions, I pledged that I would try and play one new game a week. This was after a conversation between myself and Gareth where we came to the realisation that there is currently a plethora of games on the market. Surely 52 new games in a year isn’t too much to aim for??

Come Friday, we sat down and cracked out Warlord Games’ latest skirmish game Cruel Seas.

Cruel Seas is a skirmish game based on small coastal fleet actions in the Second World War. The starter set introduces us to the Germans and the British. Other playable nations are Italians, US Navy and the Japanese.

I played the German Kreigsmarine, taking command of two E-Boats, whilst Gareth took the Vospers of the British Royal Navy.

We played a slow time game for a couple of turns to get the feel of the game and how it plays in it’s mechanics. I can honestly say that Warlord have managed to capture the feel of small boat actions, with an intuitive turn system based upon their Bolt Action ‘Draw a Dice from the bag’ action to determine turn order. This greatly differs from most other Wargames and the traditional You go, I go system and does work. It makes actions unpredictable and the game that bit more exciting because of it.

The weapons on the ships are varied enough that the tactical aspect of the game is varied each turn. The system of movement is based on slow, steady and fast ratings, whereby your speed dictates not only how far your ships can move, but also modifiers in the shooting phase based on speed when rolling the D10 to hit the enemy.

The starter set includes quick reference unit cards for the main ships, but the rulebook also has extra stat lines for other ships for the main navies in the game.

The game plays fast and there is not a lot of time to sit around. I certainly found myself throwing my ships into battle with no finesse at all. But soon the tactical side comes in I found myself playing better to angles, thinking where to place my ships.

On the whole the rules are easy to read and follow. We eventually found the quick reference guide at the back of the rulebook, but flipping back and forth wasn’t an issue and the game flowed.

In conclusion, I really enjoyed our first game and look forward to going again on another lunch break.  Now to decide on my preferred camo scheme and potentially my next article.


Saturday, 5 January 2019

D&D City Map Avolantia

D&D City Map Avolantia
My mate Jay is running a one shot D&D adventure next week. I am also looking to start improving my artist skills. 

So spent today knocking up a map for the town his adventure is set in.

Used pen to lay out a grid and then added the detail in pencil before going over in pen.

I am quite happy with my first map attempt and will looking to start my own city map next week.

Friday, 4 January 2019

Speed freeks - Army List

As part of my January Hobby Resolutions I listed planning out my new 40k army with Orks being the chosen force. Having read through the codex I have settled on Speed freeks as the start to my new army.

I think I am like many Ork collectors out there that have been drawn in by the lure of the new vehicles that came out with the recent release.

Check after the break for the first draft of my new army.

Thursday, 3 January 2019

Hobby Resolutions January

Hobby Resolutions January

To further keeping on track with my hobby resolutions for the year I am going to try and break this down into monthly goals.

If all the goals are achieved then I get my Hobby budget for the month. If not it will carry over to the following month.

That is going to be a tough one to commit to but gonna try.

So my Hobby Goals for January are:

1. Paint my Ork Blood Bowl team.

2. Plan out my 40K Ork Army.

3. Paint the HQ for the Ork Army.

4. Attend the Blood Bowl Blitz event and write up for the blog.

5. Play through This War of Mine on solo play so that I can teach others how to play.