Friday, 3 January 2020

Word Bearers Test Model Complete

Word Bearers Test Model Complete

I have completed my first test model for the Word Bearers. Yet to decide on wether to add decals or scripting to the model.

I probably will. so work now press ahead to get the first 10 models completed whilst I am working on them will also start the HQ model. 

Aiming to have these completed by the end of January and hoping that no other distractions come into the frame.

Wednesday, 1 January 2020

Happy New Year

Happy New One and All.

Hope you have a great 2020.

There are going to be no Hobby resolutions this year as last year I did not stick to them at all.

Tuesday, 31 December 2019

Word Bearers New Year New Army Part 3

So my last post of the year before we welcome in 2020.

Been cracking on with the Word Bearers and have assembled all the models from the box set.

Some are in component parts to make it easier for painting.

Have to say I love the models for the Greater Possessed and the new Plastic Obliterators.

Also started work on my test colour scheme for the Chaos Marines. Nice a simple to start with Chaos Black then Leadbelcher for the metal and Khorne red for the armour. Bought together with a wash of Nuln Oil and then Agrax Earthshade. Aiming to have the first model completed before I go back to work. Not decided on the basing for the models yet.

Saturday, 28 December 2019

Word Bearers New Year New Army Part 2

Word Bearers New Year New Army Part 2

Last night I had a quick read through the codex and delved into the Word Bearers section of the codex.

The Word Bearers have some nice special rules which I have listed below with some of my thoughts.

Legion Trait: Profane Zeal: You can re-roll failed Morale tests for units with this trait.

Will be handy when looking to hold onto objectives with smaller units and ensuring that they stay in battle longer than their opponents especially as the Chaos Marine Squads only have leadership 7 or 8 with a Champion.

Stratagem: Dark Pact use this when a World Bearers Character attempts to summon a unit of Daemons to the battlefield You can re-roll any of the dice used in the summoning roll, and your character will not suffer any mortal wounds for rolling doubles or triples. Costing 1 command point this will seriously be looked at if I decide to add a force of demons into my growing army. 

Warlord Trait: The Voice of Lorgar this increases the range of any aura abilities on your Warlord's datasheet by 3 inches. To be honest this looks a given at the current stage of reading.

The lure of the models could not keep me away for long. Looking at the models in the box this is going to give me a Patrol Detachment which is a nice starting point to my army.

Army List:

Master of Possession 5 Power

10 Chaos Space Marines 8 Power

2 Greater Possessed 8 Power

2 Obliterators 12 Power

1 Venomcrawler 7 Power

Total Power 40 Power

So a nice little starting force that allows some nice flexibilty on the table and some stunning models to paint. Should be more than achievable in the time period.

Don't forget that if you are looking to take part that you can post your pics up on Instagram and Facebook with the hashtag  #PaintingWarhammer2020

Friday, 27 December 2019

Word Bearers New Year New Army

Word Bearers New Year New Army Part 1

Recently on Games Work Shop's Community Page they announced a new hobby challenge for us.

So with my Ultramarines hitting a good natural break, thought it is a pretty good time to add some bad guys to my collection. So where better to start with than Chaos Space Marines. In the past I have collected a Word Bearers force for Horus Heresy so having some investment in that background and lore I have decided to bring these up to date.

I popped down to Warhammer World today and picked up the codex and Start Collecting Chaos Space Marines starter set. With the focus of December and March for that to be the focus for the New Army that is where I will start. 

Over the next few posts I will show my progress on the army and try and include as many test shots of my progress. 

Who else is taking part?

Monday, 9 December 2019

Black Seas First Game

Black Seas - The Age Of Sail era, fleet ship-of-the-line, combat game set between 1770 and 1830.

Black Seas is Warlord Games new Historical game. It has been out about a month or so now, and has received very good reviews. Warlord Games has chosen 1/700 for their scale and this gives a good balance between allowing a good number of ships on the table, and also maintaining highly detailed models.

I had resisted this at first as I was not going to take on another new game that was not going to get much game play, as most of my gaming group are either roleplaying or playing board games at the current time. However Chris at work and sometimes contributor on the blog picked up a set of the core game Master and Commander and the British and French Fleet boxes. Seeing him put together his ships and seeing the high quality of the miniatures my hidden love of naval wargaming came to surface. 

My previous experience with Naval Wargaming has come from a very young age at school where I played Harpoon, and Age of Sail at the wargaming club. I still have a very large collection of Modern Naval ships for Harpoon and all the rules and at some point I will dust it off and get Chris to have a couple of games with me.

But back to Black Sails. Set in the period from 1770 to 1830 this allows players to play in a range of conflicts from War of Indepence, pirate engagements to Cadiz the Battle of the Nile and of course The Battle of Trafalgar. 

I will review the ships in more detail in a future post. 

But today we had our first run through of the rules. The basic rules are very easy to pick up and learn, however the devil is in the detail of learning how to use the Wind Gauge and correctly setting your sails so that you can bring your broadside to bear.

Below are a couple of action shots from todays run through.

As you can see Black Seas uses a similar wake markers to show your setting of the sails as Cruel Seas uses to show speed of the MtBs. Ships are activated using the Wind Gauge, you note the direction of the wind and move an imaginary line across the table and as the line hits the ships the take action in the order that the Wind Gauge hits the ships. The ranges of the guns are good and use a base number of 5 or less to hit with modifiers for how fast you and the target ship are sailing, with 1s being a critical hit. Damage to ships is slow and accumilating, but I think this is due to us only having 2 ships and probably spending more time playing with the movement and positioning of the ships, rather than putting out raking broadsides. 

So far I am really enjoying the game and it is certainly one that I see me and Chris getting a lot of games in. As you can see from the pictures I have been playing around with GWs contrast paints to get a nice quick and easy paint job done on the ships. But more on this to follow.

I am going to write up some more detailed reviews and thoughts on this game with the more we play.

Has anyone else picked up the game or thinking of playing it?

Tuesday, 3 December 2019

Dungeons & Dragons Baphomet WIP

With last weeks bad times slowly behind me, decided it was back to the hobby desk. I needed a change from the Ultramarines, and I had recently picked up Baphomet from Gale Force Nine. It's a really lovely sculpt. Very clean and crisp resin model cut into a number of parts arms, tail, head and crown. As with all resin models of this size there are some mold cut lines to clean and air bubbles to fill. I am really impressed with the quality of the model and cannot wait to start getting some paint on the model.