Wednesday, 14 November 2018

Blog Changes Up Coming

This month has been a slow posting month for me due to increased work load with the upcoming Christmas period and returning from the Essen Spiel has kinda wiped out my Hobby time and MoJo.

During the long road trips out to Essen and back me and co driver Chris spent a lot of time chatting about our hobbies and had a lot in common in regards to what we like to play and our styles of collecting, painting and playing. 

So over the next few weeks Chris will be adding the to Blog.

A few changes will come in play the first being a change in the name, still to be decided. Then up will be the layout and style.

But then it will be back to the usual hobby butterfly approach that is our hobbies.

Thanks for reading.

Wednesday, 17 October 2018

Chosen Axes Fjul-Grimnir Gallery

This week has been tough with prepping for Essen Spiel with work so no time for any test games of Shadespire but looking to take it with me so can get some games in the hotel. In the background I have been planning a new D&D campaign and creating my own homebrew world. Part of the growth of the history our group will play some historical games to create the world history. This is going to be one of the Titans that the players will play with. 

Really enjoyed painting this figure, looking forward to completing the rest of the warband.