Tuesday, 9 May 2017

WIP: Knight Questor 1

WIP: Knight Questor 1

Last night I got some paint on the Questor Knights Cloak. This is acting as my test character before I tackle the Lord Aquilor. 

The cloak is built up from Khorne Red, brought lighter by adding Tuskgor Fur between in each layer is a thinned glaze of Bloodletter red to help blend the colours and maintain the rich red. To get to the final level Fulgrim Pink was added to the mix. 

The tabard started with Kantor Blue with a layer of Nuln Oil. Then again with Kantor Blue and then brought up with Teclis Blue and finally Blue Horror. I am not to happy with how the blue has come out, but as it is the tabard between the legs not a lot is showing, but will have to work on the blending on the outside of the cloak.

Happy with the progress so far, but that deadline cloak is ticking 

Comments and thoughts always welcome


Monday, 8 May 2017

Army Lists: Path To Glory

Army Lists: Path To Glory

Could not help but be inspired by this piece of art work and this definitely drove my purchasing choice for the core start to my Stormcast army.

Still being new to Age of Sigmar I am still getting to grips with the 3 playing options. Being a long time WFB player I am certainly used to points match games. Not sure I am keen on 'Hey bring some models and we will roll some dice' approach. So to try a new take on gaming I have chosen to run a small Paths to Glory campaign with a couple of friends as we are all new to AoS.

Champion: Lord Aquilor. This gives me 4 units to choose from

Hero: Knight Questor

Infantry: 3 Prosecutors

Infantry : 10 Liberators

Mounted: 3 Vanguard Palladors

I pretty much picked the units I purchased this month and 10 Liberators from the starter set and the Knight Questor from the Talisman box set. Hopefully will get my first game next week, and will attempt my first Battle Report.

Any one else used Paths to Glory as their way to play? If so pop a comment or a link.


Sunday, 7 May 2017

WIP: UCM Cruisers

WIP: UCM Cruisers

Today's Work In Progress is in colour.

After undercoating black I have given the hulls 2 types of dry brush of Mournfang Brown. One is heavily than the other as I am testing which red comes through best.

Check out more after the break.