Monday, 26 August 2019

Aeronaitica Imperialis Wings of Vengeance Preview

Well we had been waiting on this announcement for a while now ever since we saw some model shots earlier this year. To be honest I am surprised that this was not released later on this year, with the recent releases of Warcry and re-release of Kill Team, I thought that they might have given a bigger window to allow these games to bed in a little.

Going up on pre-order this weekend is the main box game Wings of Vengeance and a whole host of supporting products.

Check after the break for more images and my initial thoughts.

On the community page they have listed the contents of the main game.

  • 2x Thunderbolt Fighters (these can also be built as Thunderbolt Furies)
  • 2x Marauder Bomber
  • 3x Dakkajets
  • 2x Fighter Bommers
  • 1x Rulebook
  • 1x Double-sided Area of Engagement battlemat
  • Lots of handy gubbins like dice, transfer sheets, tokens, quick reference guides and more.
So a nice selection of the models, no idea if it is a balance force selection, the models themselves are in plastic and look amazing the detail looks crisp and variations of weapon loadouts available. I am hoping that this set comes in at around the £50 mark. But would not surprise me if closer to £70. Hard to gauge a real price point as there is nothing in the GW range that matches it. I am hoping that it is in the same scale as Adeptus Titanicus.

We also get supporting plane box sets so you can build up your flights from week one. If they are priced like the Knight from AT they hopefully will be around the £20 mark. Not sure if they come with any transfers, cards or markers as of yet.

Rynn's World Air War campaign book released at the same time. This hints that there is not much in the way of background or advanced rules in the box game with this book out the same weekend. But it does promise Aces and a Campaign set of rules. I expect this will match the same quality of the AT books and should be around £25 

And there is still more we get more gaming mats to expand our flying area. If you have a close look on the cover you can see the hex markings. Personally am a fan of these at removes any questions regarding movement and facing. 

Plastic ground assets these look great hopefully they are in the same scale as AT, then can slip between games nicely.

Then we have cards, dice and more tokens.

So a pretty hefty pre-order weekend next weekend.

Def gonna get the core game, campaign book, and then see how the game plays before diving in any deeper.

I hope that this game is a success and we see more releases for this and this encourages GW to look further into this scale. You know what we all want EPIC EPIC EPIC EPIC.....

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