Wednesday, 10 October 2018

Stormsire WIP

The reading has been going well and I have read all the background in both the Shadespire and the Nightvault books. I have enjoyed the back story more so that I did not have to read pages and pages of story, just a short punchy overview which can allow me to develop my own stories if so desired.

I have had a read through the rules and I understand the basic flow of the game, but as I guessed prior to reading this game is going to be all about the deck and deployment of the warband.

Then I cracked onto the model and started my Stormsire's below are the work in progress shots.

Rather than the standard blue and gold I have gone with a rich purple and gold, liking the painting of the models so far

Hope to have these finished before I head to Essen in 2 weeks time.

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